Neuroscience & Psychology

Dedicated to the Soul: The Writings and Drawings of Emma Jung

    Edited by
  • Ann Conrad Lammers
  • Thomas Fischer
  • Medea Hoch
    Translated by
  • Ann Conrad Lammers
  • Alison Kappes

A richly illustrated collection of never-before-seen writings and drawings from the notebooks, portfolios, and personal papers of C. G. Jung’s wife and collaborator


Jan 14, 2025
7.5 x 10 in.
73 color + 100 b/w illus.
Neuroscience & Psychology
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Emma Jung (1882–1955) was the life and work partner of one of the great intellectual figures of the twentieth century, yet she kept most of her creative and personal life private. Dedicated to the Soul brings together previously unpublished materials from Jung’s private archive, introducing her voice into the literature of the early psychoanalytical movement and revealing a vibrant inner life and a glowing presence that until now was known only to her family and a handful of patients, students, and friends.

This fully annotated collection features journal entries, dream accounts, drawings, paintings, and lectures. It sheds new light on Jung as an early collaborator in the creation of analytical psychology who may have originated the concept of the animus, one of C. G. Jung’s central constructs. It paints a riveting portrait of a dynamic woman who, determined to break free of the conventional world of her upbringing, fearlessly interrogated her social environment and developed her own systems of meaning.

With introductory essays that chart Jung’s personal, intellectual, and psychological development, Dedicated to the Soul brings the creative work of this boldly imaginative and irreverent spirit to a wider audience and offers new perspectives on the role of women in the early history of analytical psychology.