Calculus on Heisenberg Manifolds. (AM-119), Volume 119

A classic treatment of the hypoelliptic calculus on Heisenberg Manifolds


Aug 21, 1988
6 x 9 in.
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The classical pseudodifferential calculus is well adapted to detailed study of elliptic operators such as the Laplacian associated to the De Rham complex. This book develops a full asymptotic calculus adapted to certain second order operators which are hypoelliptic but not elliptic. The motivating example is the operator _b associated to the ∂_b-complex on a CR-manifold. Like the Laplacian, _b is a natural operator of intrinsic interest, a prototype of a general class, and a test case. Principal terms of parametrices and other operators associated to _b are calculated on both the symbol side and the kernel side. It is hoped that this viewpoint on pseudodifferential operators will be fruitful in attacking other nonelliptic problems, including more degenerate cases of _b.

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