Anything Goes: An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese - Revised Edition


Sep 11, 2011
8.5 x 11 in.
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Suitable for students with three or more years of modern Chinese language instruction, Anything Goes uses advanced materials to reinforce language skills and increase understanding of contemporary China in one semester. This fully revised edition provides learners with a deeper fluency in high-level Chinese vocabulary and grammar, and includes newspaper articles and critiques as well as other primary source documents, such as political speeches and legal documents. The textbook covers topics that are essential to understanding contemporary Chinese society, including changing attitudes toward women and marriage, the one-child policy, economic development, China’s ethnic minorities, and debates surrounding Taiwan and Hong Kong. The lessons intentionally investigate thought-provoking and sometimes controversial issues in order to spark lively classroom discussions.

This new edition incorporates suggestions and improvements from years of student and teacher feedback. With an improved, more user-friendly format, Anything Goes juxtaposes text and vocabulary on adjacent pages. Grammar explanations and exercises have also been thoroughly updated.

  • Advanced-level Chinese language textbook
  • Includes newspaper articles and primary source documents
  • Thought-provoking topics on contemporary Chinese society
  • Updated grammar explanations and exercises
  • New user-friendly format