Princeton Nature

Teesdale's Special Flora: Places, Plants and People

A definitive and richly illustrated guide to the botanically unique area of Upper Teesdale in England’s County Durham


Published (US):
Jun 6, 2023
Published (UK):
Feb 28, 2023
5.88 x 8.25 in.
Princeton Nature
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To anyone who loves the wild flowers of Great Britain and Ireland, there are some places that beckon time and again, such as The Lizard in Cornwall, The Burren in Ireland’s County Clare and Ben Lawers in Perthshire, Scotland. Upper Teesdale in England’s County Durham must, however, be included among these jewels of our botanical heritage. This locality, which is within sight of the highest point of the Pennines, has an outstanding and special flora that has been shaped by its altitude, land-use patterns and diverse geology. Many of the plants found here are rare and localized, while others are more common and widespread, but together they form the botanically unique Teesdale Assemblage. For this reason, Upper Teesdale is a hotspot for botanists. It is also a scenically beautiful area, located within easy reach of the industrial heartlands of the north-east, and is much visited by walkers and tourists. This book offers visitors unique insights about this area and its botanical riches.

  • Presents the first account to cover together the places, plants and people of this special area
  • Features more than 330 stunning photographs
  • Includes detailed profiles of 96 plants that make up the Teesdale Assemblage
  • Offers a history of Teesdale’s botanical exploration and describes the people who live, work and study plants there today
  • Provides an overview of environmental threats and what is required to ensure a sustainable future