Hana Videen



    Wolf and panther illustrations from the cover of "The Deorhord" Beyond bestiaries: the cats and dogs of Old English The words for ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ are virtually the same in Old English – hund (from which we get ‘hound’) and cat or catte (pronounced COT-tuh). Read More
    A collage of illustrations from the cover of The Wordhord. A woman in medieval dress carries a basket full of wheat, fish, stars, and other symbols. Why I hoard words I took an Old English module on a whim during my first year at university. I came across it at a foreign language informational session, and having never seen or heard Old English before, I was astonished to learn that my own mother tongue could be c... Read More
    Ideas Podcast: The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English, Hana Videen The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English Old English is the language you think you know until you actually hear or see it. Unlike Shakespearean English or even Chaucer’s Middle English, Old English—the language of Beowulf—defies comprehension by untrained modern readers. Read More