Alison Kalett

Editorial Director, Science (Biology)

I seek manuscripts that capture the excitement and importance of modern biology, whether written for scholars, students, or general readers. For general readers, I am interested in books that are rich with science yet engagingly written. These books often have an inspiring message about how science is done or its impact on the world. Examples include Thomas Seeley’s Honeybee Democracy, Beth Shapiro’s How to Clone a Mammoth, Sara Lewis’s Silent Sparks, and Sean Carroll’s The Serengeti RulesI also seek monographs and textbooks that offer fresh syntheses, advance new theories, or serve as learning resources. Examples include Mate Choice by Gil Rosenthal, The Theory of Ecological Communities by Mark Vellend, and Mathematics for the Life Sciences by Erin Bodine. In all cases, I am interested in books that cross traditional divides, such as those between theory and empiricism, between molecular and organismal biology, and between biology and other disciplines. Topically, I publish in ecology, evolution, behavior, paleontology, biological anthropology, microbiome science, genetics, and computational biology, although I welcome submissions from across the fields of biology.