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In September of 2017, I had the profound joy of joining the Princeton University Press and its ecosystem of excellence that I have admired and learned from for thirty years in university press publishing. The Press has evolved since its origins into a global leader of inquiry and insight, as our historical narrative captures. Our sustainability comes from the many wonderful symbiotic relationships we enjoy with authors, readers & listeners, booksellers, libraries and peer publishers across the planet. We are a press with a purpose, and you help generate and define that purpose in a multitude of ways.

In an era of unprecedented climate change in the publishing environment, our resilience is rooted in an inclusive embrace of authors and ideas of greatest diversity, seeking to engage all species of readers and listeners invested in the excitement and integrity of knowledge, and in books (& formats) of adaptive and enduring impact.

Thank you for the collaborations you entrust to us, and which inspire every member of our global team. We are perpetually grateful to share with you this dynamic ecosystem of knowledge and the book.


Christie Henry
Director, Princeton University Press


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Sydney Bartlett
Assistant Marketing Manager (Organic Reach)
Sydney Carroll
Senior Editor, Textbooks
Taylor Sumereau
Intellectual Property Assistant
Terri O’Prey
Managing Editor | Complex Projects
Theresa Liu
Production Editor
Timothy Wilkins
Director of Sales
Tyler Hubbert
Promotions and Author Relations Associate
Wanda España
Design Project Manager
Whitney Rauenhorst
Assistant Editor
William Pagdatoon
Promotions and Monograph Publicity Assistant
William Skurka
Yan Zhou
Content Marketing Manager
Yuanzhen (Ava) Zhao
Content Marketing Manager