Prospective Authors

Submit a Book Proposal

If you have a book project that fits our list and profile, please send a brief proposal to the appropriate editor’s email address, which you can find in their contact page by clicking on their photo below. You can also find guidelines regarding what to include in your proposal. Reasonable accommodations may be provided upon request; please include such requests in the covering email of the proposal submission.

Please do not submit proposals to more than one editor. Editors will pass proposals on to their colleagues if they are better suited to another list. Unless you receive an email bounce back, be assured your proposal has been received.

And please allow up to eight weeks for an editor to consider your submission. We are grateful to receive a high volume of submissions, but this also means we cannot respond to them all. If you do not receive a response from a member of our editorial team within this time frame, we encourage you to pursue other publishing opportunities for your work.

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Peer Review & Editorial Board Approval

All books published by Princeton University Press must undergo peer review by qualified scholars working in the field. When you send your editor a proposal or full manuscript, they will send it out to the appropriate reviewers. The timeline of the peer-review process can vary based on the length of the manuscript, the availability of reviewers, and other factors. For full manuscripts, if the reviewers’ reports are positive and recommend publication, your editor will begin making arrangements to present your book to our Editorial Board. If one or more reviewers believe that revisions are required before the book can be published, you may be asked to revise the manuscript for an additional round of peer review.

Once your manuscript has successfully passed through peer review, your editor will present it to the Press’s Editorial Board for approval. All books with a standard contract must be approved by the Editorial Board, who will receive a packet of materials, including a summary of the book, sample material, reader reports, and your response to the readers’ reports. The Board will assess the project and the materials from the peer review process and then determine whether the book can move toward publication.