Triangulated Categories. (AM-148), Volume 148
Amnon Neeman


The first two chapters of this book offer a modern, self-contained exposition of the elementary theory of triangulated categories and their quotients. The simple, elegant presentation of these known results makes these chapters eminently suitable as a text for graduate students. The remainder of the book is devoted to new research, providing, among other material, some remarkable improvements on Brown's classical representability theorem. In addition, the author introduces a class of triangulated categories"--the "well generated triangulated categories"--and studies their properties. This exercise is particularly worthwhile in that many examples of triangulated categories are well generated, and the book proves several powerful theorems for this broad class. These chapters will interest researchers in the fields of algebra, algebraic geometry, homotopy theory, and mathematical physics.

Amnon Neeman holds a Ph.D. in algebraic geometry from Harvard University. He has taught at Princeton University and the University of Virginia and is currently Senior Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra. He has published widely on derived and triangulated categories.