Physics & Astronomy

PDE Control of String-Actuated Motion

New adaptive and event-triggered control designs with concrete applications in undersea construction, offshore drilling, and cable elevators


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Published (US):
Oct 25, 2022
Published (UK):
Nov 15, 2022
7 x 10 in.
137 b/w illus. 19 tables.
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Control applications in undersea construction, cable elevators, and offshore drilling present major methodological challenges because they involve PDE systems (cables and drillstrings) of time-varying length, coupled with ODE systems (the attached loads or tools) that usually have unknown parameters and unmeasured states. In PDE Control of String-Actuated Motion, Ji Wang and Miroslav Krstic develop control algorithms for these complex PDE-ODE systems evolving on time-varying domains.

Motivated by physical systems, the book’s algorithms are designed to operate, with rigorous mathematical guarantees, in the presence of real-world challenges, such as unknown parameters, unmeasured distributed states, environmental disturbances, delays, and event-triggered implementations. The book leverages the power of the PDE backstepping approach and expands its scope in many directions.

Filled with theoretical innovations and comprehensive in its coverage, PDE Control of String-Actuated Motion provides new design tools and mathematical techniques with far-reaching potential in adaptive control, delay systems, and event-triggered control.