Digging Deeper: How Archaeology Works

From the bestselling author of 1177 B.C., an accessible primer to the archaeologist's craft


Published (US):
Nov 3, 2020
Published (UK):
Dec 8, 2020
4.25 x 7 in.
21 b/w illustrations
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An archaeologist with more than thirty seasons of excavation experience, Eric H. Cline has conducted fieldwork around the world, from Greece and Crete to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. In Digging Deeper, Cline answers the questions archaeologists are most frequently asked, such as: How do you know where to dig? How are excavations actually done? How do you know how old something is? Who gets to keep what is found? How do you know what people from the past ate, wore, and looked like? Adapted from Cline’s acclaimed book Three Stones Make a Wall, this lively little volume is brimming with insights and practical advice about how archaeology really works. Whether you are an armchair archaeologist or embarking on your first excavation, Digging Deeper is an essential primer on the art of the dig.

Eric Cline on Digging Deeper: How Archaeology Works