Princeton Nature: European Edition

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Snakes of the World Snakes of the World: A Guide to Every Family Mark O'Shea

A gorgeously illustrated guide to the incredible diversity of snakes around the world

The Biodiversity Gardener The Biodiversity Gardener: Establishing a Legacy for the Natural World Paul Sterry

A personal account of—and guide to—unlocking the wildlife potential of gardens and other plots of land in lowland Britain

Edible Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe Edible Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe: How to Identify, Collect and Prepare Jens Henrik Petersen

A richly illustrated guide to edible mushrooms by one of Europe’s leading fungi experts

Teesdale's Special Flora Teesdale's Special Flora: Places, Plants and People Margaret E. Bradshaw

A definitive and richly illustrated guide to the botanically unique area of Upper Teesdale in England’s County Durham

Plant Atlas 2020 Plant Atlas 2020: Mapping Changes in the Distribution of the British and Irish Flora P. A. Stroh, K. J. Walker, T. A. Humphrey, O. L. Pescott, and R. J. Burkmar

An authoritative two-volume overview of the distribution of the wild plants of Great Britain and Ireland

The Hidden Company That Trees Keep The Hidden Company That Trees Keep: Life from Treetops to Root Tips James B. Nardi

A spectacularly illustrated journey into the intimate communities that native trees share with animals, insects, fungi, and microbes

Nature's Temples Nature's Temples: A Natural History of Old-Growth Forests Revised and Expanded Joan Maloof

An impassioned case for the importance of ancient forests and their preservation

The World Atlas of Trees and Forests The World Atlas of Trees and Forests: Exploring Earth's Forest Ecosystems Herman Shugart, Peter White, Sassan Saatchi, and Jérôme Chave

A marvelously illustrated look at the world’s diverse forests and their ecosystems

Seaweeds of the World Seaweeds of the World: A Guide to Every Order John Bothwell

A lavishly illustrated guide to the seaweed families of the world