Princeton Nature

Sharks of the World: A Complete Guide

    Foreword by
  • Rima Jabado

The most comprehensive reference guide to the world's sharks—now fully revised and updated


Published (US):
Jul 20, 2021
Published (UK):
Jun 22, 2021
8.5 x 9 in.
2000+ color illus., photos, maps, and diagrams
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Sharks of the World is the essential illustrated guide for anyone interested in these magnificent creatures. Now fully revised and updated, it covers 536 of the world’s shark species and is packed with colour illustrations, colour photos and informative diagrams. This comprehensive, easy-to-use reference guide incorporates the latest taxonomic revisions of many shark families, featuring many species that were only described in recent years. It also includes a completely revised and expanded introduction and updated line drawings throughout.

  • Covers 536 shark species from around the world
  • Features updated species accounts, illustrations and maps
  • Gives an illustrated overview of shark biology, ecology and conservation
  • Includes fin identification guides
  • Provides a colour distribution map for every species

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