Ben Tate

Senior Editor, Humanities (History, Literature, Religion, & Philosophy)

I aim to commission broad and ambitious books across the whole of the humanities, with specific attention to history, literature, religion, and philosophy. It is crucially important that the books I publish communicate original and authoritative scholarship to the widest possible audience; it is also my priority to publish books that augment and extend Princeton University Press’s historic strengths in the humanities. Many of the books I publish could be identified within recognizable genres: comprehensive intellectual and literary biographies such as Richard Bourke’s Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke and Philippe Dessan’s Montaigne: A Life; new syntheses of historical periods, powers, or traditions, such as Robert Bartlett’s Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things? and A. G. Hopkins’s American Empire: A Global History; engaging philosophical works such as Roger Scruton’s The Soul of the World and Brian O’Connor’s Idleness: A Philosophical Essay; and exciting first books by young scholars with a fresh perspective, such as Paul Sagar’s The Opinion of Mankind and Tim Rogan’s The Moral Economists.