Princeton Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy9

Scott Soames, Series Editor

These state-of-the-art books about major areas of active research in contemporary philosophy aim to provide high-level introductions for students and fresh perspectives for researchers. Written by leading experts in their subfields, these books present new, unified visions of their subjects, from their recent history and leading themes to their most exciting new developments and most important unanswered questions.

  • Philosophy of Mathematics Philosophy of Mathematics
    Øystein Linnebo

    Mathematics is a model of precision and objectivity, but it appears distinct from the empirical sciences because it seems to deliver nonexperiential knowledge of a nonphysical reality of numbers, sets, and functions. How can these two...

  • Philosophy of Physics Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Theory
    Tim Maudlin

    In this book, Tim Maudlin, one of the world’s leading philosophers of physics, offers a sophisticated, original introduction to the philosophy of quantum mechanics. The briefest, clearest, and most refined account of his influential...

  • Epistemology Epistemology
    Ernest Sosa

    In this concise book, one of the world’s leading epistemologists provides a sophisticated, revisionist introduction to the problem of knowledge in Western philosophy. Modern and contemporary accounts of epistemology tend to focus on...

  • Philosophy of Biology Philosophy of Biology
    Peter Godfrey-Smith

    This is a concise, comprehensive, and accessible introduction to the philosophy of biology written by a leading authority on the subject. Geared to philosophers, biologists, and students of both, the book provides sophisticated and...

  • Philosophy of Physics Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time
    Tim Maudlin

    This concise book introduces nonphysicists to the core philosophical issues surrounding the nature and structure of space and time, and is also an ideal resource for physicists interested in the conceptual foundations of space-time...

  • Philosophy of Law Philosophy of Law
    Andrei Marmor

    In Philosophy of Law, Andrei Marmor provides a comprehensive analysis of contemporary debates about the fundamental nature of law—an issue that has been at the heart of legal philosophy for centuries. What the law is seems to be a...

  • Truth Truth
    Alexis G. Burgess and John P. Burgess

    This is a concise introduction to current philosophical debates about truth. Combining philosophical and technical material, the book is organized around, but not limited to, the view known as deflationism. In clear language, Burgess...

  • Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Language
    Scott Soames

    In this book one of the world's foremost philosophers of language presents his unifying vision of the field--its principal achievements, its most pressing current questions, and its most promising future directions. In addition to...

  • Philosophical Logic Philosophical Logic
    John P. Burgess

    Philosophical Logic is a clear and concise critical survey of nonclassical logics of philosophical interest written by one of the world's leading authorities on the subject. After giving an overview of classical logic, John Burgess...