The James Madison Library in American Politics8

Sean Wilentz, General Editor
Margot Canaday, Kevin M. Kruse, and Julian E. Zelizer, Series Editors

The James Madison Library in American Politics is devoted to reviving important American political writings of the recent and distant past. The series issues fresh editions of both classic and now-neglected titles that helped shape the American political landscape, with commentaries by leading scholars, journalists, and political figures.

  • The Kerner Report The Kerner Report

    The Kerner Report is a powerful window into the roots of racism and inequality in the United States. Hailed by Martin Luther King Jr. as a "physician's warning of approaching death, with a prescription for life," this historic study was...

  • The New Industrial State The New Industrial State
    John Kenneth Galbraith

    With searing wit and incisive commentary, John Kenneth Galbraith redefined America's perception of itself in The New Industrial State, one of his landmark works. The United States is no longer a free-enterprise society, Galbraith...

  • The Emerging Republican Majority The Emerging Republican Majority: Updated Edition
    Kevin P. Phillips

    One of the most important and controversial books in modern American politics, The Emerging Republican Majority (1969) explained how Richard Nixon won the White House in 1968—and why the Republicans would go on to dominate...

  • The Promise of American Life The Promise of American Life: Updated Edition
    Herbert Croly

    The Promise of American Life is part of the bedrock of American liberalism, a classic that had a spectacular impact on national politics when it was first published in 1909 and that has been recognized ever since as a defining text of...

  • Richard Nixon Richard Nixon: Speeches, Writings, Documents
    Richard Nixon

    The first book to present America's most controversial president in his own words across his entire career, this unique collection of Richard Nixon's most important writings dramatically demonstrates why he has had such a profound...

  • The Politics of Hope and The Bitter Heritage The Politics of Hope and The Bitter Heritage: American Liberalism in the 1960s
    Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

    The Politics of Hope and The Bitter Heritage brings together two important books that bracket the tempestuous politics of 1960s America. In The Politics of Hope, which historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., published in 1963 while serving...

  • Liberty and the News Liberty and the News
    Walter Lippmann

    Liberty and the News is Walter Lippman's classic account of how the press threatens democracy whenever it has an agenda other than the free flow of ideas. Arguing that there is a necessary connection between liberty and truth, Lippman...

  • The Conscience of a Conservative The Conscience of a Conservative
    Barry M. Goldwater

    In 1960, Barry Goldwater set forth his brief manifesto in The Conscience of a Conservative. Written at the height of the Cold War and in the wake of America's greatest experiment with big government, the New Deal, Goldwater's message...