Isaiah Berlin


Isaiah Berlin

Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997) was the greatest intellectual historian of the twentieth century. But his work also made an original and important contribution to moral and political philosophy and to liberal theory.

In 1921, at the age of eleven, Isaiah Berlin arrived in England from Riga, Latvia. By the time he was thirty he was at the heart of British intellectual life. He has remained its commanding presence ever since, and few would dispute that he was one of Britain's greatest thinkers. His reputation extends worldwide--as a great conversationalist, intellectual historian, and man of letters. He has been called the century's most inspired reader.

Princeton is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the publication of The Hedgehog and the Fox.

Read what Henry Hardy has to say on Isaiah Berlin: "Isaiah Berlin (1909-97) is one of the most important thinkers, and one of the most celebrated prose-writers, of the twentieth century. A plain-speaking connoisseur of human beings, he not only understands the human condition in the broadest sense, but also revels in the indispensable idiosyncratic details of our individual lives. His brilliant, timeless essays speak to any receptive and intelligent reader. Berlin strongly believed in... [Read More...]

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